Thanks for 300!

In honor of passing the 300 watches mark, I am extending this request post out. I am offering to make two personalized icons, two tutorials, or a friends' only/layout header for whatever series requested. For samples of my work, I suggest looking at any of my icon posts or award post. Before requesting tutorials, please take a look at the master list to avoid repetition.

For tutorials, please put down exactly which icon you'd like (for example: xxxholic_still/Week 59 Best Color or xxxHOLiC post icon #40). Tutorials will be put out in the order they are requested; personalized icons/banners will be handed out in comments.

Requests end February 14th.

Vampire Prince

Tutorial Master List

I felt the bizarre need to organize all my icon tutorials so here's this little post. Hope this helps you find what you're looking for! Just click on the image to get to the tutorial.

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[x] Missing link? The tutorial probably hasn't been posted yet--even if it has been written.
[x] Broken link? Tell me and I'll replace it ASAP.
[x] Request a tutorial? Check the CommunityInfo to see how to correctly do so.